Interior Doors with Glass: Pros and Cons

Before humans invented tempering, the use of glass in interior design was limited to tiny inserts. Since then, conventional size and shape restrictions have vanished. Modern glass doors have a lifespan of several decades! However, they also have a few disadvantages that should be considered. 


Types of Glass Doors

These doors may have different opening mechanisms. First, there are swing doors (for example, French doors) — the old-school type. Secondly, there are pendulum models that open in both directions. There are also accordion doors that can fold, and sliding doors (the popular space saver option). Here are the main pros.

Wide Range of Designs

Glass for doors has different attractive colours that suit different interiors. It may be transparent, slightly darkened, or embellished with a decorative film. 


Glass does not emit any toxic particles, even when it is exposed to extreme heat during tempering.

Easy Maintenance

It is easy to keep the glass clean with ordinary detergents. 

Long Lifespan

Some glass doors can serve their owners for over half a century!


Moisture does not damage glass like it damages wood. This material is often used in bathrooms. It does not change shape, rot or warp when exposed to dampness. 

Visual Expansion

Glass doors may visually increase space in any room. This makes them perfect for small spaces. 

Biggest Cons

Some people hesitate over buying a glass door because they think they are fragile. This is a misconception, as tempering makes glass incredibly sturdy. However, a glass door may still have a few drawbacks.

High Price

Glass doors are costly, so not everyone can afford them. However, laminated glass is more expensive than tempered glass, so there is a choice.

Large Weight

Glass makes doors very heavy. It is not a light material, which is why such doors need very reliable steel hinges.

Poor Insulation

Glass doors perform unimpressively in terms of noise insulation. Moreover, they usually allow smells to be transferred between rooms quite easily. This issue may be resolved with a sliding construction.


The Bottom Line

All in all, the pros definitely outweigh the cons for most homeowners. Moreover, glass doors are ideal for offices, as smells are not an issue, while sound insulation may be achieved with a sealed threshold. The only drawback is the price. However, budgets vary.

Doors with glass inserts, or models entirely made of glass may last a very long time — decades. If a door was produced in compliance with all norms, customers have nothing to worry about. Tempered glass is very firm. If it does break, it is still safer, as it crashes like a crystal, so nobody gets cut.

Glass is resistant to temperature and humidity. It is easy to maintain, as all you need is a glass cleaner. Overall, this is great value for money. Considering their lifetime, low maintenance, and aesthetic properties, glass doors are a great addition to any home.

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