Wooden or Steel Doors: Which Is Better?

Front doors are made of different materials, but wood and steel are common favourites. They offer different properties in terms of durability and strength. Discover four key differences between the two before you buy a new entry door for your home.


Value for Money

Wood, particularly hardwood, is much more expensive than steel. Homeowners may opt for more affordable softwoods, but these have a shorter lifespan on average. A sturdy oak door is durable, luxurious and aesthetically impressive. On the downside, its price tag is a deterrent for many.

In addition, steel is more energy efficient. These doors offer better insulation. Thus, the warmth stays inside the home in winter, and the cold from the outside does not get in. However, energy efficiency also relies on the quality of the frame, installation and a few other factors.


Need for Maintenance

Usually, steel doors come from factories in a finished state. They are covered with polyester or vinyl, which means homeowners do not have to think about finishing. If necessary, they may repaint their entry door to protect the material from humidity. After all, uncovered steel may rust.

Still, this drawback is incomparable with maintenance requirements for natural wood. Every one or two years, these doors need complete refinishing, so they can continue to withstand the elements. All of the surfaces, including the sides and edges, must be properly coated. 

On the upside, wood is easier to repair in case of scratches or dents. Minor damage may be removed with a bit of sanding and refinishing. In comparison, a dent in a steel door usually requires sanding, filling using an auto body repair kit and repainting. Unrepaired scratches may cause the door to rust and deteriorate further.


Style and Look

Wood is a beautiful and versatile natural material. Its warmth makes the entry space more welcoming, and homeowners may choose any colour of the paint. The range of styles and designs today is extremely broad. There are maple doors, pine, cherry, walnut, and oak. Any model may be embellished with additional decorations or carvings.

Steel doors do not offer the same variety. Many people think they lack warmth. However, there are different aesthetic choices. For example, one may opt for a pattern that imitates wood grain. The range of colours is just as wide.


Durability and Security

Undeniably, steel is much stronger, and it is also more stable. The metal does not warp or crack under pressure, even if the core is made of wood. Wood on its own does not perform well in terms of keeping burglars at bay. However, the quality of installation is also vital whatever the material.



Wooden doors are generally more expensive and provide better aesthetics than steel. However, they are vulnerable to humidity and easier to break. Steel doors are more affordable and durable. Besides, they require less maintenance. Whichever material you choose, remember to install a sturdy strike plate for your lock to ensure better security.

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