Top 5 Useful Resources for Window Replacement in Vancouver

Vancouver window installation

Top 5 Useful Resources for Window Replacement in Vancouver

Doing a complete house make-over that includes replacing your old-fashioned windows? Ecoline Windows in Vancouver elaborates on different resources and vital information to consider before you decide on windows replacement options suitable for you. Believe it or not, having a good window will impact your daily life, health, and even comfort in a positive way. Tag along to find out more!

Get Yourself Quality Windows

Once you start dealing with a company or two, you will quickly realize that every single one of them claims that theirs is the best. It might be quite confusing on which one to go for especially if it’s your first time dealing with replacement windows. It is virtually impossible to judge the performance of any window just by looking at them. However, fret not, there are key indicators and pointers that should easily tell you whether a particular window is of good quality or not. Moreover, you can always rely on already proven companies like Ecoline Windows that will make your window replacement easy and guarantee the best quality.

Get energy-efficient windows

The only way to be sure that you are buying energy-efficient windows is by buying products that are rated by Energy Star. This organization rates household appliances based on their capacity to efficiently manage energy. Make sure the company you deal with sells products that are Energy Star rated and fit your needs best.

Are Windows Tested and Certified?

Usually, most Energy Star rated appliances including windows for this case, are often tested by NAFS or CSA group. These two companies used similar parameters in assessing the performance of any window. Once tested the data and configurations of different windows are put out for the public.

It is in fact, the only way to truly assess and compare windows from one company to the other. Remember these companies require the window manufacturers to have their logos on their product. Always be on the lookout for the Energy Star logo or ask if they are tested by the aforementioned companies before going ahead and making a purchase.

Moreover, window companies should work with the provisions of the CSA’s Window, Door, and Skylight installation standards. It is vital that you choose an installation company that is familiar with the standard.

Often, companies whose windows are NAFS tested do take it upon themselves to ensure installation is done according to the laid-out standards. One rule of thumb always goes for specialist window replacement companies that have been around for some time, they are more likely to have warranties which is an additional show of trust.

Get the Right Installation

You already know that you should only get windows that are Energy Star rated and also certified and inspected by CSA and NAFS. However, getting the right window without proper installation is disastrous. A window is only as good as its performance, and the wrong installation will always get in the way of the performance of any window.

So how do you get the right company for the job? Fortunately, for new constructions, companies have to install the windows according to the local Vancouver National Buildings Code. However, when it comes to replacement windows, the rules are open to discussion.

Don’t Go for the Cheapest Option

Just like purchasing anything, you will always get what you pay for, so if you go for the cheapest options out there, be ready to replace windows often. Having a budget will always limit your options, you should go in with an open mind because spending above your budget might mean that you only get to replace your windows maybe once in your lifetime.

Take advantage of the existing rebates offered by the CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program. The rebates come in two tiers with different offers. Vancouver is not among the places eligible for tier 1 rebates, which leaves you the second tier as your only option.

Go some extra to choose a trustworthy installer

Knowing what you need makes you one step closer to a positive outcome when it comes to window replacement services. But you should always check additional facts and read more materials to ensure you select a company that will do their best to fit your needs. Do not forget to check the company’s reputation, real customer reviews and check the competitors.

What Else to Consider When Making Window Replacement?

There are some additional tips to consider if you want to get yourself the best windows when it comes to price, quality and even future impact on your house.

  • Insist on physically inspecting the window. There is nothing as reassuring as a physical check and inspection by yourself. Thoroughly inspect the window paying close attention to the corner welds that should be seamless without any glue or screws. The general build should be easy to clean and also have preferably multi-locks that are always easy to use.
  • Aesthetics is equally important. Who doesn’t want a beautiful window that will complement both the finishing of your house and the scenery outside? So, getting yourself a window that looks equally as good as it performs is always a win-win situation. Remember, choosing the wrong windows will mean that the replacements will reduce the home value when you choose to sell. A good company should not only present you with options that fit your house but also help you in selecting one that will improve the aesthetics of your home.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, this information should be enough to give you some direction as you start on your window installation whether new or a replacement. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get the right installation for your windows. As you look for a reliable installer, make sure you read the company’s reviews online before settling for one. Do your due diligence and make sure the company you choose works under the guidelines of the organizations that are out to protect you as the consumer.

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